I’ve known Alex’s family over 15 years now. I’ve seen pictures of prom dresses, new hair styles and had the pleasure of working with them for my wedding so being able to photograph Alex’s wedding was more than an honor for me, it was a pleasure. When I heard Alex and Michael’s love story all I could do was smile. The universe works in such mysterious ways!

A few years ago Alex was watching a popular reality TV show and shouted to her mom that she HAD to come see this young man, Michael, he was beautiful. Using today’s social media Alex was able to find him online and after some back and forth the two decided to date and later meet. As love goes he eventually decided that the distance between Florida and Massachusetts was too far and picked up his life to move north.

It is so clear to me they are deeply in love. They share a silly humor and sweet moments full of stolen glances and their wedding was no exception. Seeing their friends and family celebrate their love was touching but seeing Alex and Michael begin a life full of love and laughter was unforgettable.