When you hear “back yard” wedding you probably picture a small simple family affair but not this time. Amy and Matt with the help of family and friends transformed a quaint back yard into a rustic tented event combining culture, elegance and the open feel of a bbq all at once! From the hand made podium to the hay bales to hold the bar this wedding had it all. My favorite of which had to be the meat and cheese table followed closely by favors combining coffee straight from El Salvador and Italian biscotti.

I first met Matt about 8 years ago now through my husband’s friends and when I was asked by a close friend of theirs if I would do their wedding I didn’t hesitate. This amazing young couple is so visibly in love and ready to begin their lives together that you can’t help but smile when you see them. Family and friends flew in from around the globe to celebrate with them and bless their union which was conducted in both English and Spanish which once again shows the importance and respect they have for heritage and family.

It is my pleasure to share Amy & Matt’s wedding with all of you!




I would like to say one final piece, that I feel blessed to have met Maureen and photographed her and her family that day and it brings great sadness to think she is not here today to be with them. Your life and love will be forever remembered.