Being a New England photographer winters can be bitterly cold, as evidenced by our negative 25 windchill today, but winter doesn’t always need to mean you hide indoors and wait until spring to go out and have your portrait taken. Sometimes we’re blessed with a rare 45 degree day, beautiful sunlight and a model who’s willing to walk through the snow, put on a crochet dress and enjoy a perfect winter day! Very special thanks go to Deanna for making this winter portrait editorial come to life!

Tucked in a corner of an office park in the historic city of Quincy, Massachusetts in early February this shoot proves if you plan with the weather and don’t mind a little chill in the air, that winter portraits are not only possible but beautiful as well. If you think you must wait until Spring or Fall to come away with vibrant deep colors I am here to challenge your belief and say, all things are possible when you live in such a gorgeous place!

So get on outside and make some magic, okay maybe not this particular weekend but I hear next weekend it’s supposed to reach 45 again!

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Dress by: Forever 21

Scarf by: Forever 21

Flowers by: Michaels