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Congratulations on your recent engagement, where’s the wedding? Have you set a date? Who’s your caterer? Are you getting a band? These are just some of the questions every newly engaged couple is peppered with. Along with who’s your photographer. So where do you even begin and what should you look for? Of course your first order of business is to establish a budget. You should know what you can afford so that you can begin narrowing down your list of potential vendors. Once you have a budget, then the real fun begins. Here are just a couple tips to help you find the best photographer for you.


Mostly every couple wants to remember their wedding from start to finish. For the bride it may be sitting in a chair getting hair and makBoston Weddingeup done surrounded by her brides maids laughing and sharing a mimosa before she walks down the aisle. For the groom, maybe he wants to make sure that he remembers his friends dancing around him while he shows off his famous moves. As your day will go by so fast you’ll need a photographer that can capture your entire day from start to finish so that you can look back on it fondly and relive every moment.

I often ask my clients how they found me and I receive a wide array of responses, from a Google search, on Facebook or a referral from a friend or another client. These are all great ways to find a photographer but there are other things you should look for too. In my first meeting with a potential wedding client I ask them what type of photography they’re looking for, candids versus posed and color versus black and white. If a client loves black and white and dreams of an entire wedding album in this style then I am not the ideal photographer for them and I believe that they should know this. My style contains bright and vibrant colors, that isn’t to say I won’t give a client any black and white but it’s not what I gravitate to and would disappoint them if that’s what they would be looking for.

Quincy MA Wedding at the Tirrell Room     Every couple shopping for a wedding photographer should review that person’s work, to really look at the type of photos the person takes to better understand what they will get from their wedding day. Are the pictures to posed for you? Are they not posed enough? Each person has their own taste, this goes for a bride and groom and a photographer and if the tastes don’t match it doesn’t matter how wonderful and in your budget a photographer is, you probably won’t be 100% satisfied with your album as a result.


Now you’ve found a photographer or two in your price range and you seem to like their work. Your next step is finding out if they’re available for your big day. Assuming they are you should ask to set up a meeting with them, most likely they’ll be asking for the same thing. This is your chance to interview them. Your photographer plays a huge role in your wedding day, they are not only photographing your event but they’re coordinating with the DJ, Wedding Planner, Caterer and Limo Driver to make sure that they are ready and know when each and every special moment is about to happen. They are always front and center not  because they should be but because they’re constantly talking to all the other vendors to make sure they know what will happen when. Your job now is to make sure you are in synch, that they treat you with respect and bring the personality that you want to be around. You want to be comfortable enough with them so that you can relax and be yourself for each and every pose.

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I don’t want to gloss over price as we all know it plays a huge if not the number one role in finding a photographer. What I will say is this, don’t settle! Unless you and your partner really do not want pictures at all you should shop around. I understand how important budget is and that sometimes you just can not afford a high priced photographer. Before you give up and ask a friend or family member ask instead if anyone knows someone in your price range. Expand your Google search to a little further away ask your other vendors if they know anyone in your range. You may find someone who works part time, only a few wedding a year and you just didn’t find their website. Exhaust all your options before you give up, you’d be surprised by how social media and vendors can help aid you in your search. By the same token don’t just choose someone because they are cheap, make sure you’re happy with their work and who they are. Cheap is just fine as long as they take great photos and have a proven reputation!

There are literally thousands of photographers out there and the task of narrowing them down can be daunting so take your time, make your lists and know what you want as a consumer. This will make finding the right photographer for your wedding a much easier task.

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