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A few weeks ago I mentioned that I mostly stick to bright vibrant colors. Today I’m going to break from the norm and  give you some dark, some grain, and some grit so that I can showcase my extremely talented sister! It was my honor to be able to photograph her just days before her very last bodybuilding competition, before her “retirement” from the sport.  Tears fill my eyes as I think about her journey and how proud I have always been of her resilience. This is no exception. The willpower and mental preparation to eat right and exercise is beyond what 98% of the population would ever attempt yet she always seemed to do it with ease. She is the epitome of goal setting and tracking and her hard work is shown here in my salute to her, in The Art of the Body.

I hope you all can appreciate and enjoy one women’s path to follow her passion and her own art as I have over the years. Best of luck to my sister as she competes tomorrow in the Jay Cutler Classic!

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