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Ever since we were children people have been telling us to smile for the camera, but why? Sure a photo of a smiling toddler is every parent’s wish but not everyone loves to strike an ear to ear grin while posing for a portrait. Some people are naturally drawn to a more serious pose, and that is okay. You do not necessarily have to smile or even look at the camera to take a great photograph. Ask yourself, what mood am I going for? What do I want to say with this picture? If you’re looking to be serious then position yourself that way, stare the photographer down and show off your thoughtful side.

But what if serious or determined is not what you’re going for, but you’re looking to be more pensive and reflective, what then? What if you can’t hold a straight face and stare down the lens? It’s simple, give us your gorgeous profile.

Turn your head toward your shoulder, look down or even close your eyes. Take a calm and relaxing breath and you’ll give your photographer a beautiful calming portrait.

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Sometimes however, a smiling face is the greatest way to convey the mood but what if you’re not posed? Perfect! Now, you can’t control whether your photographer will catch you in the throws of a laugh but when they do, you’ll be thankful. The key is, don’t feel like you always need to look at the photographer. If you’re doing family portraits and your child makes you laugh then laugh with them, enjoy the moment and chances are the photographer will too. The results for you will be natural memories that you’re likely to see in your every day life, only this time you’ve had them captured by a professional.

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Lastly, can you take a portrait that doesn’t show your entire face, or even your face at all but still shows who your are? Absolutely! There are several ways to take a beautiful portrait that tells your story and none of them have to include your face if you don’t want them to. Use your hands, feet, just your hair, the possibilities are endless and you should never be afraid to try something new when photographing someone or even having your own photo taken.

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