It’s not everyday that you meet people who immediately fit into your tribe. In fact since I moved here 5 years ago I’ve met few but sometimes few is all that you need. Five years back I moved to a small town in southern NH. About the time covid hit I decided to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. This small neighborhood bar and eatery right down the street from my house seemed like a fun place, I didn’t know then how right I was. I quickly made friends with several locals and one very funny bartender named Jess. She was a budding photographer, musician and all around great person and over the years we’ve hung out, collaborated and learned from one another. I watched as she met Jarrett, began dating, fell in love, moved in together and then engaged. And Jarrett is just as wonderful as Jess is. Always smiling, fun to be around and man do they make me laugh. I’m not sure exactly if she asked me to photograph her wedding or told me I was but it seemed perfectly natural to become a part of their day.

Their wedding vendors consisted of friends from years past, former employers, newly made friendships and man can I tell you that this is the way to do it. Everyone who was working to make their day perfectly memorable was also enjoying sharing in their love story. Greg, who married them, was Jess’ former boss at Renegades, her caterer was an employer from many years ago, hair stylist a close friend, the list goes on and on. What I witnessed and was a part of was a large group of people who loved this couple with all they had and were able to  do their jobs and dance when the moment hit them. No other wedding has been full of so much fun by everyone involved. And what a testament to how lovable a couple is that everyone from the staff to the guests danced the day away.

It’s not often I photograph a wedding and when it’s someone I care about it makes it more meaningful to be at, photograph, edit and deliver. It also makes narrowing down images for your blog next to impossible so here is a recap of Jess & Jarrett’s incredible day! I hope you love them as much as I do.