This past week I had the pleasure of accompanying my sister, nephew and husband to the beautiful city of Paris. Needless to say I ate enough cheese and drank enough wine to fit in with the locals. We toured major sights, small cafes and everywhere in between to marvel in the wonder that Paris had to offer. Here is just a glimpse into our fun, minus the 50 miles or so which we walked! Please sit back and enjoy and remember to set out and have your own photography adventures no matter which city you’re in!

paris locks bridge

the louvre paris


art paris

arc de triomphe paris

notre dame art

the louvre at night

paris at night

reflections paris

eiffel tower at night

lovers in paris

night photography paris

pont nuef paris

nighttime paris

sacre coeur paris

Lastly I’d like to pay special tribute to the troops who liberated France 70 years ago. On August 25,th 1944 France was liberated from the Nazi stronghold, 70 years later they paid tribute with a reenactment on the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris and as luck would have it we were there. Crossing on our way to another landmark my nephew pointed out a man dressed in WWII attire riding a vintage motorcycle. I turned around in time to see a tank full of reenacters coming toward us followed by an entire fleet of vehicles. It was a truly overwhelming and incredible experience. One which I will never forget.

70th anniversary paris