This is so much more than a wedding, it’s a love story. One that began way back in fifth grade when Mike first met Deanna. No they weren’t childhood sweethearts, in fact they lost touch for a while but fast forward to the times of long Friday nights and large groups of friends and they once again found one another. It would take some time, some maturing and a little help from a friend to get these two to a place where they realized it was right, they were in fact meant to be together. As families do they moved into a home, got themselves the best damn dog you could find and are raising their girls all to love the outdoors, fresh air and family. But Mike had more plans. After carrying a family ring in his pocket for two days he knelt down to ask Deanna to spend the rest of her life with him…..well maybe not in those exact words but “Will you do that thing with me?” is close enough.

So there we were, one year later watching Deanna get into her dress, her girls giggling and smiling and rain like Yosemite hasn’t seen in months fell from the sky! We were all at a loss for what to do, sitting there in 2 different vehicles, texting and calling, brainstorming ideas and waiting for more than an hour just hoping the skies would clear enough for the wedding these two deserved. On and on it rained until that one moment when it actually started to hail, yes folks this was a first for me. Hail falling from the sky, thunder booming above head and lighting strikes off in the distance. One could have thought it was a bad sign but the entire time their friend and officiant Zachary kept the faith by reassuring both of them that the skies were in fact clearing and the sun was just about to come out. He did this over and over until a double rainbow appeared, the rains stopped and the deer all came out to play!

This is the story of my friends Deanna & Mike!