Shooting a wedding is a privilege, shooting your best friend’s wedding is so much more of an honor! There are times I get a catch in my throat when I work weddings, those moments when the bride and groom fall in love all over again, when a dad gets choked up or a touching speech is made. This wedding brought me to tears, with joy and love, while watching these two wonderful people commit their lives to one another in front of friends and family.

Located in the sprawling hills of Glendora, California, Vista Manor provided a gorgeous backdrop for their big day. This unique venue with its incredible views made for the perfect place to get married by a fire, watch the sun set and enjoy the company of others. On April 25th, 2015 Tanya and Kristopher spoke their vows, shared laughter and love and blessed us with the opportunity to be there to witness.

I’d like to thank them for allowing me to play such an amazing role in their day!

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A very big congratulations to the happy couple who spent the days following the wedding with friends and family in Yosemite National Park!Vista-Manor-weddingphotos-38